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About Our WLC

Welcome to Our WLC. Modernisation plans and budget pressures have brought about a period of significant change and new ways of working and practices have been introduced. In an effort to support staff through these changes, the council has created a programme called Our WLC.

Our WLC aims to bring together the wide variety of change programmes that are ongoing under one banner.  Our WLC aims to be a compelling driver for change and promote smarter, more flexible working practices to help shape our future.  The programme seeks to be both informative and enabling - in terms of providing easy to use, practical guidance for staff. The Our WLC pages have been created under the themes of Smarter, Safer, Greener and Healthier and the Office Working Protocols.

The programme provides staff with the tools and knowledge which will enable them to make positive changes to the way in which they work. Please familiarise yourself with the information on this site. Please email for more details.