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Sustainability & Climate Change

As a public body, West Lothian Council is duty-bound to reduce CO2 emissions, promote sustainability and to adapt to climate change by ensuring that our communities and places are resilient against its effects. Staff have a crucial role to play in achieving this, starting with your habits and choices.

The global position

Sustainability one
Sustainability one

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that the human population is now living at 1.5 times the carrying capacity of the Earth. This means that we are using 1.5 more resources than are available to us.

The West Lothian position

Sustainability 2
Sustainability 2

  • It is estimated that in 2013-14, West Lothian Council emitted a total of 59,967 tonnes of CO2 through energy used in buildings, travel, external lighting, water and waste. This would take a forest the size of Germany a whole year to absorb.
  • Based on current projections, temperatures in West Lothian are projected to rise by around 3°C over the next fifty years. We can also expect to see wetter winters and drier summers

Where are WLC?

Sustainability 3
Sustainability 3

  • WLC has been working to reduce its carbon emissions since 2009 and has achieved reductions in excess of 30% in that time. 
  • A new Climate Change Strategy and Carbon Management Plan, including a revision of carbon reduction targets, are in the final stages of being passed through committee
  • Action on climate change, the environment and sustainability is an integral part of delivering all the outcomes of the West Lothian SOA, and is specifically addressed under Outcome 8: We make the most efficient and effective use of resources by minimising our impact on the built and natural environment.

How you can help

sustainability 4
sustainability 4

Being resource-wise is the smart thing to do, for the planet and for our pockets too. The main resources that we can conserve in the workplace are:

We can also reduce the amount of material waste that we send to landfill and do our best to support a healthy and biodiverse natural environment.

Resources and Support for staff

  • All council staff are required to complete the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties e-learning module that was developed for West Lothian Council in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of a broader project targeting all public body staff.  This covers everything that you need to know about Climate Change and Sustainability.
  • All staff are also required to complete the Energy, Travel, Waste and Climate Change corporate Induction materials (coming soon). 
  • Find out more more information about climate change and sustainability in West Lothian from the .