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Reducing print

Excessive printing has been part of West Lothian Council for too long. It is time we all understood the impact of our actions and how we can change our approach to printing.

Think about the environment

Printing image 1
Printing image 1

Trees are the greatest resource on the planet to prevent global warming.
In 2016/17 West Lothian Council employees printed over 45 million documents.

This equates to around 6,812 trees.

Understand the impact on our council

Printing image 2
Printing image 2

In 2016/17 printing cost West Lothian Council £250,000.00

This is the same cost as providing:

  • 11 elderly people in Residential Care
  • 117,500 School meals for our children
  • 38 young people through secondary school

45 million prints equates to around 283 tonnes. This is the same weight as:

  • 200 Hippopotami 
  • 40 London Double Decker Bus = 7 tons (40 buses)
  • 1 Kelpie Sculpture

This has the same distance of 9249.46 miles. This is the same as:

  • Edinburgh to Florida return and Edinburgh to London return.
  • Livingston to Antarctica
  • John O Groats to Land's end = over 15 times

We can take simple steps to reduce our print