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Recycling Smarter

The council would like your help to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill by recycling more at work. We currently recycle 15% of all waste generated within council offices, depots and facilities. The council's aim is to recycle much more and we need everyone to play their part.

Recycling changes

Recycle smarter image 1
Recycle smarter image 1

  • Food waste: Food waste recycling facilities have been introduced in all council buildings. The food waste caddies are located within kitchen areas and will be uplifted daily by cleaning staff. 
  • Recycling bins: RRecycling bins (blue, red and green) have been introduced to replace the majority of landfill (grey) bins.  Just like at home, all materials should be washed/rinsed before being placed into the new recycling bins. The bins will be emptied regularly and when they are full.  
  • Landfill bins: A landfill bin (grey) will be located within each staff kitchen area and will be uplifted daily.  Some schools have composters but, if you don't have one, paper hand towels should be placed in the grey bins. 

School staff only: Your Head Teacher and/or Business Support Manager are able to provide more information on the changes within your school.   

Mixed paper & card

Yes please


All paper & envelopes

Card & cardboard

Cardboard cartons

Shredded paper

No thank you

Post-it notes

Paper towels

Poly pockets

Laminated paper

Food tins, drinks cans & foil

Yes please


Steel & aluminium cans/tins

Foil and foil trays


Plastic & cartons

Yes please


Plastic bottles (& lids)

Plastic pots, tubs and trays

Empty plastic bags

No thank you

Bubble wrap


Landfill waste

Yes please

Paper towels

Unwashed food packaging

Other non-recyclables

Food Waste

Yes please


Meat and bones



Bread, cakes and pastries

Rice and pasta

Tea bags and coffee


To learn more about recycling in West Lothian click .